​We all are in that phase where we are missing our old childhood days. Those days are never gonna come back but the memories that we have from our childhood is what we always gonna cherish. Today,with the advancements in technology, new gadgets are taking place day by day. Every other person is competing with each other in terms of gadgets. Even a child of 3-4 years wants to have an android phone.when we were in our childhood days we were happy with those games like ludo, chess, carrom board. Children now dont want to go outside and play, they just want computers, android phones, etc. Our childhood days were spent by playing hide nd seek, chiklets nd so on.Really those were really amazing. Those funny cartoons like “Tom n Jerry”,”powerpuff girls”,”scooby doo”,etc were our one of the fav.. Cartoons.,nd yes how can i forget that “tiny tv”, which was always on the top list. During vacations we used to go to our grandparents house where all the cousins used to meet and the vacations were spent very nicely. There’s alot that we gonna miss nd are missing. Those school days were the best days, getting early from bed, wearing same school dress, going to school. The best part was eating lunch in classroom during lectures. Those homeworks were the worst thing which we always felt like hell. Where r those days gone?… 

Want to feel, want to live, want to enjoy that moment again… If anybody could take me to that world again. Hope uh like ths post. Pls follow nd stay tuned to read more posts.. 

Author: DIKSHA

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