There is no denying the fact that this is the era of powerful women. Some of the great leaders and the change makers in the world are women.women have more rights and opportunities than ever before. However, crimes against women are also at an all-time high.The records from National Crime Records Bureau states that over 3,09,546 crimes against women in India filed under various acts such as rape,kidnapping, dowry death,etc.

What a shame, on one hand we have a vision of India as ‘BHARAT MATA’,termed as the national personification of India as the mother goddess but on the other hand women are consider either as a liability or a substance of disgust.They have to suffer injustice and immoral behavior in all possible forms.

This is a very major concern that although women has reached in every field still there is a major issue on the security of women. “Are they safe?” How can Indian cities be made more secure for women to protect their right to freedom of movement and safety? From the past records ,Uttar Pradesh emerged as the most insecure place for women followed by Delhi and Haryana. After more than 60 years of sovereignity, this fact is really shameful for all the citizens. Everyday,there is at least one or more news about shocking incidents of harassment or sexual assault against women.

Recently, there came news of rape of a dalit girl in Rohtak. Three days have already passed since the police registered this case against 5 accused, but no arrests have been made. Three years ago also ,  these 5 accused had allegedly gangraped the same dalit girl. The victim complained that  at first, she was kidnapped by the culprits while she was coming home from college. One of the accused took her in car and raped her.

Two of the five accused were arrested in 2013 but the FIR did not contain the names of other three accused. The two arrested were also released on bail later on. The accused were constantly threatening the victim to compromise outside the court, offered a huge amount for settlement too. According to you,whom should be blamed? Is it “ADMINISTATION”?  Culprits like these should be hanged to death within a fixed period .

Isn’t shameful for those policemen,who doesn’t take any action against such type of incidents, happens in their presence. The criminals are arrested but released on bail and no strict punishment was given to them. Though our making many laws but they are not strictly followed. So, the women are not safe in any part of the country. The laws and amendments that are made to protect women need to be revised for the betterment of the society. 

Raise your voice against INJUSTICE and  stay tuned for more posts 

Author: DIKSHA

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  1. Great article….. but yar first of all in these cases the criminal must not be given any type bail order as after this criminals who are released through bail thretens the family members through someone else…. so first of all court must not pass bail order in this case and action must be taken….

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  2. Its sad that that this is happening. You read about this all the time in many countries all over the world. Women were beautifully made and its terrible how these men treat them. More should be done to eradicate this problem. I will pray for the women in your country and I would hope the powers in position to take care of this problem will take notice and get rid of this erroneous behavior once and for all.

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    1. Thnq so much cacey for showing your concern…. not only in my country but this. prob.. is sumthin from which the whole world is dealing nd it must be eradicatw from the world at root level…. in hope of seeing the world at its best..


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