A road less travelled by

I am soaked too deep into my affair with the hills, rivers,etc. I belongs to that category who loves taking the road less travelled by. I love to draw new experiences and cultures. I have an endless conversation with the locals and feels a constant urge to explore the beauty of the world. Everytime I embark a road to a wonderful hill top, a sound river, the fragrant Breeze, those scattered tiny huts and simplicity of people living on these hills or near to rivers, it brings a smile to my face unconsciously. I always let my hair play with the flirtations wind, while setting my eyes on the beauty of the place. Travelling with the curvaceous road, upon the hills with hanging clouds, over my head was like romancing with nature. This time I decided to chase the summer and went to Uttarakhand , at Rishikesh in the middle of hills and river. It gives me an immense pleasure to move around in those places. There was silent all the way. I felt the coldness of the place and was directly able to relate myself with the nature.img_20160610_122422The place ‘Rishikesh’ is magnificently beautiful. Starting from rafting in Ganga to enjoying the bathing in the running water of the river with the bright scorching heat of the sun. All comes in one package .


The place can be easily identified by the colour of the river, a musky brown in contrast to the sparkling clear water up- stream. Then , there is another place between the seashore and the hills.

The natural beauty of that place can’t be define in just few words. I was speechless at that moment seeing the glorious nature . Felt amazed, the place was so calm that it gives a sense of relief . The world seems so be end up peacefully at that moment.img_20160610_182118

Author: DIKSHA

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