Such decisions…

What the fuck is going in India? Unable to understand Modi’s strategy. Although it may be considered as a good decision in future for decreasing corruption rate but, Bjp can’t see poor people’s situation.

 Modi, after declaration, on Indian currency, again went on a tour to Japan. Unable to express my aggression, I wish I could do something for those poorers suffering from this hectic and non- sensible decision. 

People having marriages in their houses in recent days, are you aware of their mental tension and depression they are going through right now. The day Modi announced this non sense news of changing currency , people went on India Gate  and they were giving 500 and 1000 rupee notes to those bpl people, vendors like gol gappas, bhelpuri, ice cream vendors, etc because those people were not aware of the fact that Modi has taken this decision and was accepting these notes. 

Can’t they think that these poor people, who could not even afford there food sometimes, they don’t have bank accounts and all, where will they go to change these money. 

How will they survive?  Bullshit people in India, your all black money will ruin your life, I am telling you. 

Now, I understand Ambani’s strategy for bringing reliance Jio Sims and giving free internet and phone calls. Ambani was already aware of this fact of changing currency thing and so he invested all his money in Jio Sims, RBI new gov. Works for Ambani too, people need to throw shit on these ministers who themselves have enough black money but then they are troubling local people for all the stuff.

Yesterday , an aunty died in my locality but the hospital is not giving her dead body because of not having change money, they are not accepting old 500-1000notes. People are doing suicides, there must be no comment after such a non sensible announcement. Think for local Nd medium class people Modi and instead of targetting medium class people, please start an operation inside your own party because even a child could tell this thing that BJP ministers are corrupted at a high level so please before objecting any other person look into your own surroundings and go and get a life .

It’s a humble request to all the readers, please spread and share my this opinion. I just want to know your opinions too . Not for me , but for those poor people , please raise your voice with me.

Author: DIKSHA

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