Trio sisters

​Taking an amiable pause from being in the limelight as the state with the shrill sex ratio in the country, Haryana is now being applauded for being the state of auspicious women in recent times. After the inspiring story of Phogat sisters of becoming international wrestlers recently stroke the silver screen with Dangal, three more sisters from Jhajjar district in Haryana have made the state proud by joining the Indian Army.
Preeti and Deepti Deshwal , and their cousin Mamta have joined the Indian Army Medical Corps as lieutenants.
According to a report in Rajasthan Patrika, No one in the family of Pratap Singh Deshwal has ever been a part of the Army till now. But when these three daughters of the house shows their interest towards Indian Army, the family supported them wholeheartedly.
Preeti and Deepti done their schooling  from Jyoti Prakash School, while their cousin, Mamta went to Himalayan School. The trio was selected in the Armed Forces Medical College in 2012 but went to different campuses. Preeti was trained in Kolkata, Deepti in Mumbai, and Mamta went to Pune.

The trio sisters graduated this year and have been perpetrained to different military hospitals across the country. Mamta will be stationed at Military hospital, Ranikhet, and Deepti will be stationed in Agra. Preeti will work for Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Ooty.
The accomplishments of the three young lieutenants prove that if girls are provided with the favourable opportunities and support, they are no less than boys. The credence goes to the girls’ resolution and their family’s support.

Author: DIKSHA

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