Kashmiris Reaction Over Champions Trophy,2017

Kashmir valley, the most beautiful part of India or rather I should address it as a heaven in the entire world. This paradise always remains in controversy for one or the other thing be it an indo-pak fight or terrorist attacks or the politicians. This time also the place is in controversy. Are you people guessing the subject matter? Yes, you got it right. The final match that took between India and Pakistan for the Champion’s Trophy, 2017 is the issue this time.

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With rapid growth of urbanisation and industries, the pollution is at peak. Urbanisation and industrialisation, both have created an acute imbalance in the environment.
But if you get to know about some of the places which are pollution free zones and are travel destinations, what would be your first reaction?

 Ahan! You would definitely like to visit those places, free from pollution and full of peace. These destinations have somehow managed to keep themselves away from the growing pollution level with their efforts.  
So, let’s turn to the other side of the story and throw a beam on some of those destinations. Let’s wrap the unwanted side and have a watch on   the cities having a well controlled pollution level,  is green, clean  and perfect place to breathe in.

Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

The place is among the most prominent places in India with the purest air to breathe in. Although the place is an under-rated tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh but if you are planning to spend your vacations  in Shimla or Manali, visit Kinnaur instead, and the nature will gift you a fresh stint of pure air.  Being a land of captivating valleys, and offering various adventure sports, Kinnaur totally deserves to be at the top of your basket.

Kollam, Kerala

 Kollam serves you with the beautiful beaches and placid backwaters. The nature serves you with a bout of fresh air as it is said to have one of the most outstanding quality of air all over the world.

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

A swash of fresh yellow with the vibes of being an international place blend with indianness, a tinch of spirituality and attically beautiful, Pondicherry is much more than calling it just a destination. Having a handful of reasons for choosing Pondicherry to visit, the prime reason is its quality of air and water. The purity of air and water at the destination is the combined efforts of the local government, NGOs and the people residing there. Being the most popular tourist destination, Pondicherry is among  the list of least polluted cities in India.

Hassan, Karnataka

Hassan is considered to be having 6times lesser pollution than Delhi and is also conaidered to be purer than most of the cities in the country.

Gangtok, Sikkim

Sikkim, situated at just a few kilometres away from the Chinese border, having destinations like Nathu la pass and the Tsomgo Lake near it . Various measures have been taken by the government to maintain its cleanliness as well as low levela of air and water pollution. Gangtok serves us with the pure air to breathe in, coming straight away to Himalayas.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

 Madurai, known as the ‘Athens of the east’, is one of the most ancient cities of the country. It has a huge book of history, mythology, and culture associated with it since its existence. WHO listed the city in  “five least-polluted cities in India” list. Constant efforts by the government, as well as local people resulted the city at this place. Although in recent years, the number of vehicles increased gradually which resulted in rising level of air pollution but the city took several initiatives to cope with the problem. Setting an example for other cities of India, Madurai work constantly for the city’s ample dust.

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Nagpur is being recognised as one of the cleanest cities of India. Gradually rise in air  pollution is a major concern that the city needs to resolve in the coming few years. But it still maintains it’s rank among India’s greenest cities, with well- developed parks, gardens, and sufficient afforestation within the city. Nagpur also has good levels of accessibility to clean drinking water and very little noise pollution.

India is developing nation. Day by day it’s progressing, and emerging as a major game changer in the world. Hence, it’s sad that there are so few places that could make it to this list. However,  criticizing them is not the solution. We need to put efforts for nature and the community we belong to. Be a responsible citizen and give your efforts to make a strong nation,  Pause to think about the changes we can make in our day-to-day lives to decrease pollution levels. It is the only YOU who can bring the change so start it from yourself and be a part of this change, Be eco-friendly which is the need of the hour.


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Actress Mamta Kulkarni Journey From A Top Model To a Jogan And Then To A Drug Smuggler

Mamta Kulkarni, a former Bollywood actress and model made her Bollywood debut with the 1992 movie Tiranga. After this, she was seen in several other movies like Aashiq Awara(1993), Krantiveer(1994), Karan Arjun(1995), Sabse Badi Khiladi(1995), China Gate(1998), etc.

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Here’s One More Bad News For The Kapil Sharma Show Fans As Indian Idol Took Its Place!

The problems of Kapil Sharma didn’t seems to put an end after stepping into the controversy with Sunil Grover. When on one hand Sunil Grover deny the rumours of making a comeback in “The Kapil Sharma Show”, on the other hand Sony Tv has started deduction in the Kapil’s show. 

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