Latest photoshoot of Jacqueline with Casa Vogue magazine

Making her debut in the year 2009 from the movie “Allahdin” , Jacqueline is a Sri Lankan beauty. She has made her identity in a very short span of time. Nowadays, she is too busy in promoting her upcoming movie ” A Gentleman” and in post production work of “Judwaa 2” but any how she managed to get time for a recent photoshoot for “casa vogue” magazine. via shoot for Casa Vogue

Have A Glance At Sonam Kapoor’s Glamourous Look

A very stylish, galmourous versatile Indian actress Sonam Kapoor stand for an elegant personality. She is one of the greatest charm of bollywood. via Sonam in hot Avataar

जब मिस यूनिवर्स सुष्मिता सेन की जिंदगी का यह सच आया सबके सामने

सिगरेट और शराब दोनों ही हमारी सेहत के लिए हानिकारक हैं | यह दोनों चीज़े ही हमे अंदर से खोकला बना देती हैं | हर फिल्म के शुरुआत में एक हमे यह अवगत कराया जाता है की की दोनों चीज़े सेहत पर दुष्प्रभाव डालती हैं |

via सुष्मिता सेन का यह सच

Summer Wardrobe Essentials 

Summer is already over the head with its heat getting worse day by day. You really need to get rid of all those irritating clothes you are carrying in your closet. So, it’s a high time to replace all those dresses with sexy and hottest pairs which will add a new life to your summer wardrobe

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