Winter Wedding Essentials: Fight between Indo-Western and Ethnic Wear ends here

It’s a high time of the year when quilts are being taken out from the shelves and your one cup of hot coffee converts into three mugs a day. It’s also the favourite season of the year as houses are being lit up with those fairy lights resembling that there is a wedding in the family. Winter weddings are always a great fun, especially when talking about the pleasant atmosphere, those incredible Bollywood beats and of course the mouth-watering hot food( adding spirit to the winter weddings). But there are challenges too in this wedding season when we talk about dresses and all, especially for the bride, keeping the temperature in mind.via winter wedding fashion essentials


These Chinese dishes make a perfect meal

Being a PR Executive, I can’t always get a chance to get a byline under my original article or any recepie, but I’m really feeling honored as my recepies are being featured in :

femina food blog

Boldsky Food Blog



Yee Shang - Traditional Salad
Yee Shang

Do have a look and try these awesome recepies…

These Reality Stars emerged As Wonders And Is Now Ruling Tv Industry

Reality shows engage in a major part of television programs. Most of the winners turned into a one-time wonder. But there are some exceptions who use this opportunity as a ticket to their television industry. Let’s have a glance to some reality show contestants who are now famous faces of the television industry. via

Impact Of Reality Tv Shows On Today’s Youth

Reality shows actually served as a trump card for all the producers of the television industry. It has become bored watching the never ending, melodramatic daily soaps. To come up with something new, the idea of making reality shows boomed up. via Impact Of Reality Tv shows on Today’s Youth

Latest photoshoot of Jacqueline with Casa Vogue magazine

Making her debut in the year 2009 from the movie “Allahdin” , Jacqueline is a Sri Lankan beauty. She has made her identity in a very short span of time. Nowadays, she is too busy in promoting her upcoming movie ” A Gentleman” and in post production work of “Judwaa 2” but any how she managed to get time for a recent photoshoot for “casa vogue” magazine. via shoot for Casa Vogue

इन दुकानों के इतने मज़ेदार नाम आपको दे सकते हैं पेट दर्द

हीर ने कहा रांझा के कान में , भठूरे खाने है चंदू की दूकान के !

ऐसा ही एक दुकान पर लिखा देखा जब हम खाने के लिए नए रेस्त्रां ( ठेलीवाले ) पर गए | यह पढने के बाद में अपनी हंसी को रोक नहीं पाई | हम रोज़ ऐसे ही कितनी दुकानों पर जाते हैं जहाँ कुछ न कुछ ऐसा इकह दिख जाता है जिससे हम खुद को हंसने से रोक नहीं पाते | via हँसते हँसते पेट दर्द हो गया