Forget About Those Old Traditional Ways And Rock This Diwali With Ethnic Fashion Trends

Diwali just around the corner, everybody seems to be busy in preparing for the celebration. The time has finally arrived when all the family members and friends come together for the celebration of this festival. Everybody could be cleaning and decorating their homes. But in spite of the hectic schedule, we actually take the time to look best on the day of Diwali. Shopping for clothes, gifts, etc comes naturally during the festive season. Here comes the ethnic trend that is ruling the chart nowadays. via Ethnic Fashion Trends


These Reality Stars emerged As Wonders And Is Now Ruling Tv Industry

Reality shows engage in a major part of television programs. Most of the winners turned into a one-time wonder. But there are some exceptions who use this opportunity as a ticket to their television industry. Let’s have a glance to some reality show contestants who are now famous faces of the television industry. via

Impact Of Reality Tv Shows On Today’s Youth

Reality shows actually served as a trump card for all the producers of the television industry. It has become bored watching the never ending, melodramatic daily soaps. To come up with something new, the idea of making reality shows boomed up. via Impact Of Reality Tv shows on Today’s Youth

Have A Glance At Sonam Kapoor’s Glamourous Look

A very stylish, galmourous versatile Indian actress Sonam Kapoor stand for an elegant personality. She is one of the greatest charm of bollywood. via Sonam in hot Avataar

क्रिकेट और रोड़ीस राइजिंग के बाद अब भज्जी का यह कारनामा आपको बनाएगा उनका दीवाना

हरभजन सिंह एक बहुत ही प्रतिभाशाली गेंदबाज तो हैं ही, पर ऐसा लगता है की उन्हें एक रोल में लगातार काम करना पसंद नहीं है | यही कारण है की वे हमेशा अपने रोल्स को स्विच करते रहते हैं | viaभज्जी का कारनामा

Watch Chris Gayle sexiest dance moves on Laila

Gayle returned to International cricket after a gap of more than one year earlier this month in the lone T20I match between the West Indies and India. Recently Chris Gayle updated his latest dance video on Shahrukh Khan’s movie song – Laila

via UC news