Airforce martyr’s family keeping the dreams alive!

Poor children living in slum areas are rarely seen by anyone. These economically poor class are unfortunate enough to have two meals a day. It would be totally unfair to think of studying in this worst situation. Such poor children are encouraged to study and join the Indian Air Force by martyr’s squadron leader Shishir Tiwari’s family. On his son’s first death anniversary, he took the responsibility of giving a new direction to the society. Last year, on 6th October martyr Shishir’s family selected about 100 slum children living in the Yamuna Khaddar area of Delhi. Now, they are being taught in English medium.


Squadron leader Shishir Tiwari of Indian Air Force was carrying some important stuff from a helicopter for the soldiers who were on duty at China border on 6th October 2017. In the middle of the journey, his helicopter got crashed and Shishir Tiwari martyred. His family resides at Amba Residency Society in Indirapuram. His father, Sharad Tiwari has opened a trust named,  “Martyr Squadron Leader Shishir Tiwari Charitable Trust” under which these children are given free education.


Along with the studies, the trust also focuses on extracurricular activities of children and gives regular training in dance, painting and yoga to develop them in a wider way. “Studying all the time will make the children bore. So, it’s necessary for them to engage in other activities along with their studies”, said Sharad Tiwari. These children are also provided by copy, pen and other essentials needed for their studies. Their well-wishers and relatives are also helping them in this good work.


“ I am ready to serve the country and for this, I am preparing to join the Air Force. My relatives are also accompanying me in this great work”, said Prakriti Tiwari, wife of Martyr Shishir Tiwari. Sharad Tiwari himself has served the country while working in the Air Force. He feels proud that his son is martyred while serving the country. He wants these slum children to go to the army and serve the country. For this, they are working to increase the morale of the children.