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इंडिया के छोटे से शहर के भीड़भाड़ वाले इलाके की यह कहानी है उन चार औरतों के गुप्त जीवन की जो अपनी थोड़ी सी आज़ादी ढूंढ़ती हैं | यह चार औरतें खुलकर अपनी जिंदगी का लुत्फ़ उठाना चाहती हैं परन्तु दुनिया के जाल में फँसी इन औरतों को हमेशा दबाया जाता है | VIA UC NEWS


Cords of justice weakens !

13 June,1997, the date is recognised by Indians even today. That Friday when India’s most frightening Agni scandal took place in Green Park at Uphaar cinema. Today after almost 20 years court has stated its decision. Does this decision would bring out an ointment on wounds of those unaided families in whose hope even now also the whole country trembles after remembering that incident? Undoubtedly the answer is NO because after 20 years of eagerly waiting, nobody thought of having such a lame decision. This punishment of killing 59 innocent people, is unacceptable. The punishment given to one of the most discussed real estate businessmen Ansal Bandhu’s shows poor law arrangement and soreness of justice methodology.

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During this happening, a show of border movie was going on and nobody made a thought that this happiness will enroute to mourning all of a sudden. 59 people burnt and died in this Agni scandal and about 103 people injured badly.

The generator that was kept in the basement is responsible as short circuit took place  leading to fire in the main hall and took the hall under its lapped.  It was found that at that moment there was more number of people than the calibre of that place. In order to get out from the hall, stampede took place killing a large number of women and children. It was also found that there was not proper arrangements of security. Also, there were no arrangement to escape from fire. Even after such  carelessness, government didn’t knew about them.


Does the pain of this serious tragedy can be slow down with a minimum amount of compensation. Maybe the  justice panel don’t want to understand that one death ruins the life of an entire family. This Uphaar scandal didn’t only took youth or oldies but even the children could not escape from it.  Ujjwal of 13 years, tarini Maan of 9 years and many more innocents were killed by the carelessness and chaos  on that black Friday.


After Supreme Court’s decision, the  owners of Uphaar cinema Ansal Brothers, Gopal Ansal and  Sushil Ansal, out of them Gopal Ansal was given a very little punishment of spending an year behind the bars whereas his elder brother was not given any punishment, keeping in mind that he is very old. Nobody got relief from this senseless decision in the country. Instead several questions are raised in every person’s mind against the justice panel of the country.

Equal justice for all seems to be faded nowadays. It was already clear in C.B.I’s  checking that the the administration and the owners of cinema hall had not made any arrangements in terms of security. If this has been considered, this type of scandal must have been escaped to. With a gradual increase in number of days, files get piled up and dust took place on them which results in the present situation. I hope that inorder to attract the minds of intellectual and our ministers toward our system, we would not have to wait for an another happening like this.