Cambridge to slums, man enlightens hundreds!

Rakesh Satpathy, at his ‘free school for poor’ Cuttack, Odisha is imparting education to many children in the slum areas of Cuttack. He has rented a house in college square at Cuttack where he teaches these children every single day, for last 16 years. His pedagogy also involves paintings, drawings and many artistic skills that can help them to earn their livelihood so that they can be engaged and self-reliant. He was barely 20 years old when he started teaching to these slum kids. The sight of poor and illiterate kids, begging and choosing odd jobs for survival, being the victims of child labour and child abuse has made him come up with a thought of imparting free knowledge to those innocents across Cuttack.


His father had a government job but in 1992, due to some changes in the policies of the government, his job changed to the private sector. This job change led to several financial problems in the family. His salary was reduced to half. Rakesh was very keen to study science but due to lack of money, he chose to study arts in his graduation days. He used to go to coaching classes but was asked to leave the classes as he was unable to pay the fees. In order to get some money, he started working as a gardener in one of the nurseries. Since then, he wanted to do something for those kids who get deprived of the education.


After completing his education, he joined the Cambridge School as a part of his project named- “Social Service Project”. As a part of this project, he developed his idea of teaching to slum kids. Once, he saw a girl working at a restaurant who was very much interested in studies but due to several issues she was unable to go to school and study. Rakesh helped the girl to study commerce and become a Chartered Accountant. After this, he made a thought of opening a coaching centre for the slum kids where he will teach them without any disturbance. Now it has been 16 years since the coaching centre “Sambhavna” has started. He managed the funds by giving half of his salary for the schooling of these slum kids. This small initiative has grown up now. The faculty members from Ravenshaw University also visits the coaching centre and imparts free education.


According to him, “His ultimate goal is to impart free education everywhere so that nobody gets deprived of it. Knowledge is earned when you share it with others”. He has also worked as a social worker in orphanages, old age homes, etc.  As hard work never goes in vain, Rakesh is getting a tremendous response from the people of the slums. Many of them are now willing to educate and send their children to study rather than employing them for odd jobs. Many have gained profit from his teaching. His aim is to revolutionize education for as many poor children as he can.



17-year old Haryana girl scales Mount Kilimanjaro

A 17-year-old girl Shivangi Pathak from Haryana made India Proud after achieving another milestone in her life. She has added another feather to her cap by scaling Africa’s highest peak, “Mount Kilimanjaro”. Completing her mountain journey from the Marangu route in just three days, she lifted an Indian flag at the top of Africa’s highest point & tallest free-standing mountain in the world that stands at an imposing 5,895m.


Inspired from Arunima Sinha, the first Indian amputee to climb Mt. Everest, Pathak has a very special message for everyone i.e. “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” which she wants to share with every individual of the country  to make them aware that nothing is impossible and women can overcome every obstacle easily to achieve their goals.


With a view to sensitize and inspire women, She further says “Women can achieve anything if they desire. There is nothing that Indian Women can’t do. They are not the liability but they are the future of the country. Don’t stop on what you achieved but fight for more”.


Titled with “The eagle of Mountain”, she is also the youngest Indian to scale the world highest peak “ Mount Everest” from Nepal side. Haryana has been blatant for its skewed sex ratio and patriarchal mindset and so Shivangi wanted to blur this picture and make her hometown, Hisar & Haryana, a famous place all over the world. She has also conquered Stok Khangri, a 6,053-metre peak in Ladakh.


I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Winter Wedding Essentials: Fight between Indo-Western and Ethnic Wear ends here

It’s a high time of the year when quilts are being taken out from the shelves and your one cup of hot coffee converts into three mugs a day. It’s also the favourite season of the year as houses are being lit up with those fairy lights resembling that there is a wedding in the family. Winter weddings are always a great fun, especially when talking about the pleasant atmosphere, those incredible Bollywood beats and of course the mouth-watering hot food( adding spirit to the winter weddings). But there are challenges too in this wedding season when we talk about dresses and all, especially for the bride, keeping the temperature in mind.via winter wedding fashion essentials

Want More Instagram Followers! Try These Ways And Reach Your Market Goals

Finding out ways to attract more Instagram followers? This question is what we have asked ourselves at some point of time and with a good reason, isn’t? People using Instagram for business purposes and marketing is the topmost priority to get Instagram followers. But it’s not that easy as it once was.

Here are new creative ideas to get more Instagram followers for free and increase your business while touching the market goals. via Instagram followers

Forget About Those Old Traditional Ways And Rock This Diwali With Ethnic Fashion Trends

Diwali just around the corner, everybody seems to be busy in preparing for the celebration. The time has finally arrived when all the family members and friends come together for the celebration of this festival. Everybody could be cleaning and decorating their homes. But in spite of the hectic schedule, we actually take the time to look best on the day of Diwali. Shopping for clothes, gifts, etc comes naturally during the festive season. Here comes the ethnic trend that is ruling the chart nowadays. via Ethnic Fashion Trends

हिमाचल के लाहौल स्पीति में 550 साल पुरानी ममी आज भी ध्यान मग्न मुद्रा में है

आपने हिमाचल प्रदेश के लाहौल स्पीति के बारे में सुना होगा। ये इलाका भारत तिब्बत सीमा के काफी नज़दीक है। हाल ही में इस जगह के एक छोटे से गांव से एक चौकाने वाली घटना सामने आयी है। दरअसल लाहौल स्पीति के गांव गियु से एक 550 साल पुरानी ममी मिली और इस वजह से ये क्षेत्र आजकल चर्चा में है। via 550 साल पुराना ममी

These Chinese dishes make a perfect meal

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Yee Shang - Traditional Salad
Yee Shang

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